Michelin Sport Cup 2

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MICHELIN S-CUP 2 215/45ZR17 91 Y XL

50% more laps and faster (1) thanks to endurance-competition technologies

More track days(1)

Improved endurance / track longevity(1)

Improved dry lap time

and regularity(1)

Improved safety on wet roads(2)

Improved wet grip which reduces aquaplanning(2)

Track longevity technology 2.0®

- Slower wear of the outer shoulder
- Reinforced external shoulder with special rubber highly resistant to abrasion

For improved endurance / track longevity

Bi-Compound Technology

- Two different rubbers used on outside and inside of the tread
• outside: a “High Molecular Chain” elastomer guarantees exceptional grip espacially on tight bends

• Inside: a more rigid elastomer optimises steering control and wet grip

Deeper tread versus previous Cup generations

+20% (**) deeper tread wet grip: delays aquaplaning and improves safety on wet roads

(1) Compared to its predecessor MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup+.

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